Every Other Day Workout: Benefits and Routine

Talking about a workout plan, every other day routine sure has its perks. We’ll discuss more the benefit of every other day workout. Along with the exercise, you can practice. This workout plan may be what you’re looking for.


Your Muscles Need Rest

every other day workout routine
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This is the first benefit of working out every other day: it gives your muscles the rest they need. You may think that you can go on a workout every day because your body seems to hold out pretty well. But it would help if you remembered that holding out might be suitable only for temporary. You want to keep working out for the long term, right?

And your muscles don’t lie. If you overwork them, they will let you know through soreness. Of course, soreness is natural when you’re just starting your workout routine. But if your soreness goes for a long time, it may be your muscles tell you that they need a rest. Your body needs to recover before going to another workout session.

You Still Can Build Muscles

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While every other day workout gives your muscles a rest, you still can build muscles through it. It’s because the recovery process is crucial for muscle building. On the other side, excessive workout plans can interfere with the recovery process. With that being said, every other day workout may be more efficient to build your muscles.

Moreover, adults are recommended to lift weights at least two non-consecutive days each week by the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. This goes along with the study in the 2016 Journal of Sports Medicine. The author was questioning whether the training plan more than that is superior.

The Best Option for Beginner

every other day workout routine
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The beginner is just as it said. You begin to practice workout sessions for not too long. As you’re in the beginning phase, your body is not accustomed yet to the workout routine. It will be hard for you, and of course, your body, if you’re forcing to work out every day without a break between the days.

Practicing every other day workout also will help you stick to your workout plan. If you’re going too fast and hard at the beginning, a chance for your spirit to falling apart is high. Have a break between the days will help you restore your energy and enthusiasm to keep up your workout plan.

Works Well for Full Body Workout

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If you’re going for a full-body workout, every other day routine will be a good option. As to how it said, a full-body activity aims for the whole body. It means all your muscles are working up. And they need to recover at least a day before you start workout again.

Every Other Day Workout Plan

every other day workout routine
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It varies on how every person plans their workout session, even for every other day routine. You can make a schedule that fits with your body and other activities well. But if you need some suggestions, here are every other day workout plans that you could apply.

Mon, Wed, Fri

Yep, it’s only three days a week. Starting from Monday, then you take a day rest to continue on Wednesday. You can retake a day’s rest on Thursday, then start again on Friday. Special for weekends, you’re dismissed from the workout session—time to replenish your energy and maybe go out to have fun with some friends.

Remember to start your workout session with something light, whatever the type of workout it is. You can increase the intensity of your training as time goes by following your body’s capability. 

A day interval

In this plan, you’ll have workout sessions seven days in two weeks. The first week sessions are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. The second-week sessions are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. For the next week, you can start from Monday again and so on.

If you feel like taking the weekends off is too much and will make you lazy to start again, this plan suits you well. You also have various days so that you won’t be working out on the same days every week.

In The End, Please Listen to Your Body

every other day workout routine
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Having a workout routine that fits with you well is like trial and error. It would be best if you kept trying to find what works the best for you. And don’t forget to listen to your body, because it will tell you the precise answer.



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