Best Lululemon Fleece Lined Leggings

Without a doubt, Lululemon leggings are the best choice for workout pants, and they’re made in various styles and materials to pick from. Each clothing has a unique feel, designed for a specific purpose and activity, from soft, smooth, lightweight to compressive tights to wear during a high-intensity exercise. Whether you’re trying this clothing for the first time or you’re a long-time fan of Lululemon, it’s essential to note the options available to get the best pair of lululemon fleece-lined leggings.

While checking for the best Lululemon legging out there, we looked specifically at the opacity, pilling resistance, reusability, sweat-absorption capabilities, construction, and so much more. In this article, we’ll have a closer look at the best Lululemon leggings for women. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into the gist.


What are the Choices of Lululemon Fleece Lined Leggings?

Let’s say you walk into a Lululemon store on a leggings hunt. Maybe you’ve seen your colleagues during a workout session, or you spotted them on a classmate, and you loved them so much. You carried out a little research, maybe Google or Bing “Lululemon leggings and fabric,” checked out the site, and came across some good reviews after which you made up your mind to get some, but wish to try them on first. Staring right at you now is a wall filled with plants, and you’re trying to map out which of the leggings is the best.

Looking confused, a storekeeper or an educator walks right up to you and asks if you need any help. Yes, you replied, admitting you’re lost, and the educator helps you pick the perfect pair and feels great on you. That’s an excellent feel, and you’ll get to enjoy your new leggings.

Maybe you get a bit intimidated and decide to try a couple of pairs yourself, declining the educator’s offer. You found the one you like, that’s great, but after a couple of weeks, you discover it isn’t right for you. What can I do now? The truth here is that I can’t rewind time to pick another pair, but I can aid you by explaining what you should seek for next time you go hunting for another couple, or maybe you want to order it online. This blog covers it all.

Heard of Luon, Luxtreme, Nulux, Evelux, and Nulu? If no, then sit tight as we’ll uncover all these lululemon fleece-lined leggings.

Lululemon Fabrics


Introduced into the market in 2008 in conjunction with swift material, Luxtreme is the best material for runners. It is more compressive than most types of Lululemon leggings. Though it is made wholly from a blend of Nylon and Cotton, Luxtreme is still somewhat slicker-like spandex.

Its technical features like moisture-wicking, four-way stretchy, highly breathable, and also dry in no time. Luxtreme is perfect for pet owners as this material does not pick up fur from pets. It is excellent for high-impact activities like running, spring CrossFit, amongst others. Lululemon leggings that come in this fabric include the inspire crop that succeeded with the pace rival crop, and then the swift speed collection that comprises high rise pants.


lululemon fleece lined leggings

Launched in 2016, Nulux is a high-impact companion to Nulu fabrics. It is exceptionally lightweight, relaxed with a smooth feel. This material is also highly durable as the raw hem at the base does not fray. Nulux comes in various styles, but it’s mainly in the Fast and accessible collection. This legging is also excellent for high-impact activities like running, cross-fit, interval training, and others.


Lululemon Athletica launched the Nulu fabric in 2015, and people termed it “naked sensation,” though that name is outdated. Currently, they’re called the “next to nothing” feeling, and it’s placed as the best-selling Lululemon fabric today.

Aside from its next-to-nothing feel, this fabric also has a buttery soft hand feel that is highly delicate, meaning no intense activity or workout makes the material susceptible to pilling. They aren’t highly durable compared to other leggings Lululemon offers, but they are undoubtedly the best. Lululemon leggings made from Nulu fabrics are the best choice for pregnant women. This fabric from Lululemon is best for light everyday wear. You can choose to wear it to work if you wish, and even other light impact workouts like yoga, Pilates, and barre. Coming down to its leggings styles, it comes mainly in the Align Family.


The newest revolutionary Lululemon fabric, Everlux, was launched in 2017 (4 years ago). It still stands as a solution to sweaty studio workouts and other high-impact sessions.

lululemon fleece lined leggings

They’re best for Zumba classes, spin, and indoor Cardio classes that help boost the heart rate. The manufacturer designed the fabric basically to feel fantastic on the skin and also with high durability. Everlux materials come in a handful of styles, but the first is the in-movement family. In Feb 2020, Lululemon added two new types; talking about the Wunder train and Invigorate.


It was coming down to the ylesLululemo added two new styles Lululemon. Created in 1998, Luon paved the way for Lululemon into the market. In the 90s, the founder of Lululemon discovered that women in yoga classes were using cotton pieces with no stretch while practicing.

lululemon fleece lined leggings

He knew that cotton gives a comfy feel, but the people need something stretchy that will move with them through different Asanas. This led to creation of a new fabric called Luon, a total blend of Nylon and Lycra in an open-loop Knit. Lululemon designed Luon for low-impact activities like barre, yoga, and Pilates.

Now that you know more about the Lululemon Fabrics, Let’s have a look at some pairs of Lululemon fleece-lined leggings out there.

Align collection

lululemon fleece lined leggings

Align collection makes use of the Nulu Fabric, and it’s more minimal than other styles. Each legging in this collection consists of a vast, flattering waistband that stays flat. Its unique but simple design makes this legging versatile as travel gear, loungewear, yoga pants, or everyday clothing.

Wunder Under Rise

lululemon fleece lined leggings

This line is the most popular style made by Luon. It stands firm at the number 1 spot amongst other brands. Luon, as stated before, is an original yoga pants fabric, and it has lots of features. It is durable, moisture-wicking, and also has the excellent stretch capability. Also, it’s got a soft matte feel that’s exceptionally lightweight and breathable.

Speed uptight

Among a wide variety of styles made from Luxtreme, this style is the most popular leggings for running. It features a pocket that’s somewhat large enough to accommodate your smartphone and a continuous drawstring that won’t spoil in a wash. Luxtreme fabric used feels smooth and wicks moisture that is important while running.

Fast and free tight

lululemon fleece lined leggings

Fast and free tight is the best style that uses Nulux fabric and is made in different types, including length, rise, and reflective details. Each fast and freestyle has deep pockets on the sides and an interior drawcord to get the perfect fit.

Invigorate collection

lululemon fleece lined leggings

The best option in the Everlux collection is none other than the Invigorate. The Invigorate style has deep pockets on the side, providing excellent comfort with style. It also features a hidden waistband pocket for convenience. These fast-drying leggings are ideal for handling heat and sweats during intense workouts.

Keep the Fleece

If you plan to be out all day after a workout, go for lululemon’s Keep The Fleece Tight. It’s a new style from lululemon and features multiple pockets to accommodate your wallets, phones, and keys as you move from running to errands. Not only do these leggings keep the stylish look, but they’ll also certainly have you feeling comfy from morning till night. The legging’s high waist and Tech Fleece fabric with four-way stretch will give you the protection and warmth you need as you take on a rough day.

lululemon fleece lined leggings

Don’t give up on your outdoor workouts and adventures when all the freezing winter has to offer kicks in. There’s always a style for you,  no matter what level of activity you plan on engaging in when the temperature goes down. Keep the fleece tight is undoubtedly the best, keeping the temperature warm while maintaining style.

Final thoughts

Lululemon boasts of a variety of features for its products, giving great comfort with style. It presents more options to consider, like the height of the waistband, the length of the legs, and whether you want primary colors or fun runs. Other features include fabric variation, sizing, strap (a high rise or mid-rise), inseam, etc. Suppose you fancy taking your device along with you while you run. They consist of roomy pockets that will accommodate that device without any worry of it falling off or being an obstruction.


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