Want to Have a Skinny But Strong Body? Read This

Everybody will do anything, whether it comes to banish belly fat or to sculpt toned legs for only one goal: to make a body they want, or at least look skinny but strong. To create a body, you’re probably proud of.

It doesn’t like a simple thing to do. But do not worry as there are few particular steps you can take as advice. But maybe when it comes to body shape, there will be questions like, “Is there the right form anyone should be going for?

Is it good to be skinny or even strong? Is it possible to have both? To find the answer, you have to understand some basic things about this case. You have to further see its benefits and disadvantages from a medical point of view. Well, anyway, to create your body goals, there will be no setbacks.

But still, there might be some occasions you’d better consider in the process of getting slim or even the other way around. Below we bring you some facts, tips, and tricks to make a strong body but still in skinny shape. So, let’s check around.


Should You Focus on Being Strong?

For the first step, you need to ask yourself, “Should I focus on becoming stronger?” So the answer is you must balance yourself. Losing all your excess fat by doing BMI could also be accompanied by healthy nutrients coming to your body.

Focus on the two goals together will bring you the best results. Becoming skinnier but also trying to muscle up your body would complement one another. So, focus on losing weight until you get the point, but also try to maintain a toned body while you’re getting stronger.

That would keep you in form but also healthy. Well, keep away from any goals like becoming Jack and Gerry Brisco because it may take a longer time and much effort.

Just work on your muscles but also concern yourself with metabolism. Once you get metabolically active, you shed fat faster because the stronger your muscles, the more calories burned by metabolism.

So, Of Course, You Are Possible to Have Both!

Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time would be something that you can probably do simultaneously! But still, you’ve to know the best method to do it. It technically works by burning calories you’ve consumed before to lose body weight.

On the other hand, you also need to be stronger, so you’re suggested to have a high protein diet as you’re doing exercises. To find the best and safe way, we recommend you change up your diet by considering more protein from any food.

Like eggs, chicken, or broccoli if you’re a vegan. Moreover, it would be best to work out by doing cardio and strength training—any compound exercise like squats, deadlift, or kettle-bell swings.

It will be beneficial as it tries to focus on building muscle yet burning fat simultaneously. However, as we mentioned before, there will be a wider chance for those who want to be skinny and strong because it’s absolutely possible.

Reasons Why Guys Get Stuck With Skinny Body

There is another issue like you have been exercising too hard but still find your body looks skinny, of course without changing your mass. So, why does it happen? Why is it difficult to gain muscle?

  • You always stick with the same exercises.

Sticking with monotone exercise doesn’t even help you to create an expected shape. Instead, it doesn’t even bring any change over your character or body.

The longer you’ve been training, the more you need to change anything frequently. Consider any techniques like drop-sets, supersets, pyramids, giant sets, and varied rest periods to bring any difference in your workout.

  • You forget about built strength.

Sometimes people forget about focusing on strength because they’re too getting with size exercise. If you find your muscle stuck and nothing changes happen there, it means you need to begin to diversify strategies.

  • You need to take more volume of training.

As you want to make your dreams come true, there should be a big effort to do. It would be best if you pushed yourself to the max but still in the proper portion. Let’s say you just now focus on size, then avoid any mindset like anytime you squat the bars, it has to be loaded with your maximum weight.

  • You make it too complex.

Now you understand that things have to be changed frequently, but not let it bring complexities to your workout. Just keep it simple and always remember things. You shouldn’t ever get rid of two main things from your exercises: the squat and deadlift.

  • You’re not doing it correctly.

Doing cardio that makes you huff and puff anytime you take the stairs may be understandable. But if you think that size is essential, remember that you have to do it correctly.

The Best Ways to Still Get Skinny but Strong

skinny but strong

Some various ways and methods can easily create a skinny and strong shape by losing weight. So, here are any steps you can follow:

  • Step 1

In the first step, people should count defined calories. Here, you need to reduce caloric intake by around 3500 calories to 1 pound of body fat.

To lose 1 to 2 pounds each week, the simplest way is by cutting 500 to 100 Cal a day. It’s a recommended way because that is a healthy rate of weight loss.

  • Step 2

Then you need to consume various foods which come from plant-based. To increase fiber intake of your body, those can be vegetables, grains, or even fruits.

Foods that contain fiber will reduce hunger in the diet process and try to fill you up. To get rid of any saturated fats, consider low-fat dairy or lean meat products.

  • Step 3

After you know what you should choose to eat, now it’s time to give more concern to exercise. We suggest you do moderate-intensity cardio for 30 to 75 minutes five days a week.

Some aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming, and walking are also recommended. Cardiovascular and ABS exercise will effectively help you lose weight by burning calories.

  • Step 4

It would be best to be concerned with major muscle groups like arms, abdomen, buttocks, shoulders, back, chest, thighs, and calves. Do specific exercises on those parts at least twice a week.

  • Step 5

In this step, you have to be more aware of any setbacks. Lifestyle may change, and it’s getting hard sometimes to stay in this repetition. But don’t give up and do it regularly over the next day. Just remind me that no changes could come all at once.

Useful Advice to Notice

After you understand what should you do in balancing bodybuilding workout and things you’ve to eat, now let’s take a look at this useful advice that may help you to get better results:

  • Make a Strategy for Strength Training

The results of muscle-gaining depend on how you set a goal with your current fitness level. Beginners in strength training may be a little faster, but it may take three to six months to see a major change if you come as a seasoned trainer.

  • Make an Ideal Calorie Count

Another thing to consider is your calorie needs and how you count them. Nutrition is a basic element that can help build a slim but muscular body. Just keep caloric surplus small and minimize fat as you’re doing strength training.

  • Prioritizing Recovery

If you ignore recovery, you won’t have a skinny but strong body. Just have enough rest to restore the energy you may use over the training sessions. It will help repair tissue and promote the growth of muscles.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

skinny but strong

Here are several things that skinny guys have to take notice of when they’re trying to bulk up their bodies. You should also consider these things if you’re also in the training sessions.

  • They don’t have enough food and nutrients.

If someone is hard enough to get bigger, it means that they have not eaten enough. Most skinny men and women are trying to get bigger, but they don’t know that having enough eating is one of the effective solutions.

  • Set high and unpractical expectations

Do you want to have a body Like Bruce Lee? Well, we don’t say that it’s impossible, but you still need to be more realistic if you don’t have enough time to put on 50 pounds.

Do not ever think it will be easy to have a bulk muscle. It takes effort, patience, and consistency. Start with the simplest things and begin from the lowest levels.

  • You don’t have a reasonable plan.

Those who try to turn their skinny body to buff need to go with a plan. Entering the gym without a plan or strategy will make your way harder. The plan, however, will give you balance and stimulate growth by showing movements.

Have you ever dreamt of a body that looks skinny but strong? Now it’s not that difficult to achieve as you understand well how to start it correctly.


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