Soylent for Bodybuilding: A to Z You Need to Know

You may think bodybuilders have done the proper practice and diet. The truth is it is tough to eat all the food to make sure you have all the nutrition to get the right posture as a bodybuilder. 


What Do You Need to Know About Soylent for Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding needs to pay attention to exercise and well-balanced meals. There are healthy and practical solutions for it. One of them is Soylent for bodybuilding. Soylent is a brand of drinks marketed as having all the calories, proteins, lipids, and other nutrients that a human needs.

Soylent is not for everyone and is for those who don’t want to cook healthy meals or replace them with something easy. It might be an ideal solution for people with specific dietary requirements or those who don’t have the time to prepare balanced meals.

Some people like Soylent because it’s cheap and has a long shelf life. Others like it because they don’t need to worry about food when they go on vacation.

What is Soylent?

If you want a healthy body, a good start is a liquid meal replacement from Soylent. Soylent can help any bodybuilder to achieve their ideal figure. 

A bottle of Soylent contains 400 calories, 20 grams of protein, 37 grams of carbs, 2 grams of saturated fat, and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. That is a full-packed nutritional value in a bottle.

Why is Soylent for Bodybuilding good?

Soylent is the solution to provide bodybuilders the nutrition if they lack food preparation for a bodybuilding diet. Of course, there are more reasons that you can benefit from drinking Soylent powder or liquid shake.

soylent for bodybuilding

Soylent is a food replacement drink. It was created in 2013 by a software engineer, Rob Rhinehart. It is an effective and efficient way to provide the necessary nutrition for a good bodybuilding diet when you lack time or resources to prepare food.

Many people think that Soylent is not nutritious enough because it does not contain any protein. But Soylent is made up of healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential in the bodybuilding diet.

Soylent has many benefits for bodybuilders: it can be consumed on the go; it is cost-effective; it saves time; you don’t have to deal with cooking, shopping, or cleaning up after meals; no more worrying about what to eat when out with friends.

Enough Energy 

You have adequate energy from a single intake of Soylent shake to do a heavy routine as a bodybuilder. 


Yes, you can be a bodybuilder and a vegan at the same time. Soylent is plant-based and packed with incredible nutrition to help you achieve the ultimate bodybuilder figure. 


I did mention it is plant-based, right? So it is very healthy. If you’re a fitness fanatic or have been trying to shed some pounds, you know all about protein. Protein is the building block of muscle, and it’s essential for good health. A protein shake can be a great meal replacement for you, an avid bodybuilder.

Pros and Cons Using Soylent for Bodybuilding

Are you having a second thought? Here are some pros and cons that summarize from several bodybuilders that already consume Soylents for bodybuilding. 


  • Improved energy for weightlifting
  • Precision in calorie and macro tracking
  • Convenience, easy to consume 


  • Not so tasty 
  • It can be too expensive 

Experiences Using Soylent

Bodybuilder 1 

I usually consume a low-calorie protein bar (200-250 calories), and I found it insufficient, so I tried my first Soylent in a week. It has a neutral taste with a subtle sweetness. It takes some time to get used to. 

After finishing a bottle of Soylent, I did some weightlifting, and my energy level was high.  

The second time drinking Soylent was more enjoyable, and it went down easier. 

Bodybuilder 2

After using Soylent for two months, I feel I have enough energy but not too full. I think a significant gain on my muscles and able to maintain a well nutritious diet simultaneously. 

Bodybuilder 3 

I felt tired and beat up most days because weights felt heavy, I needed energy, but I also needed to keep my protein intake under supervision. Soylent before hitting the gym gives me enough energy without worried about eating. 

Alternatives to Soylent 

It is essential to reach a high amount of protein through meals. You need to do the proper calculation based on your body weight. 

Currently, body weight (lbs.) x 0.6 = is the daily protein that you need.

You need roughly 30% protein, 55% carbs, and 15% fat as a healthy bodybuilding meal. Chicken, fish, turkey is an excellent source of protein. Vegetables also can be an excellent protein source, even if they are minimum in numbers. 

For a practical solution, drink Soylent with all the protein you need and additional nutrition that you can get from your daily meals. 


1. Which is better, Huel vs. Soylent?

Soylent is the pioneer in meal replacement for bodybuilding and has more nutrition compared to other brands. 

2. Can I have Soylent and nothing at all for working out?

Yes, you can. Soylent gives enough energy to help you lift those weights. You don’t need any more breakfast or brunch. 

3. Is Soylent addicting?

They are so good for your body. Moreover, they are plants based, so it has a minimum chance of addition. 

Enhance your bodybuilding activities by using Soylent for bodybuilding. They probably didn’t taste delicious, yet there are many advantages that you can gain. You have enough energy to practice. 

Moreover, you have excellent alternatives to your daily meals and, they are safe to be consumed daily. What more do you want? 



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