StrongLifts for Women, All You Need To Know

StrongLifts is one of the popular programs that deliver strength and power to the program’s trainees. The StrongLifts trainee exercises the five multijoint barbells on the body: the deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press, and bent-over row.

Normally it is a program that people often recommend to follow three days a week in an A/B split way. The A/B split way means that trainees can exercise alternate days in the week with two workouts, with a  gap between the two consecutive days.

People think that programs like StrongLifts is not for women, but it is just a wrong mindset as the main aspect of StrongLifts is that anyone can start doing it any time and anywhere they want to. Women, after doing a program like StrongLifts, can look stronger and learn how to build muscles.

StrongLifts is not a deadline for women. It is the beast mode on!


The Must-Know Things Before You Begin a StrongLifts Program!

stronglifts for women

First of all, never mislead or spread misconception to anyone that StrongLifts is not for women or any other person. There are also some myths like to gain some bulk. One has to intake steroids.

But you have to diet properly if you start working out to get some vitamins, and once your routine starts getting better and better, you will surely need to upgrade your food intake accordingly. You can also choose a suitable protein best for yourself to help you reach your body protein requirements.

Well, someone tell you or not to sleep is a must part of the workout routine. Sleeping is considered the most underrated part of the workout plan. Also, sleep provides your body a great time to recover muscle growth and grants the energy that you need to work out StrongLifts.

While the case of women, bone health can be a serious issue with age due to osteoporosis. But a Stronglifts for women program will only help in this condition. This is because StrongLifts will strengthen your bones by increasing the density of the bone.

What Are The Accessories To Get Into This Program?

  • Weights

Many recommend it to use Olympic weights while doing StrongLifts, but it isn’t a problem if you don’t have access to them. You can use standard weights till you are putting up to 200 pounds on the lifts.

  • Other Resources

Try to read about how to properly hit those StrongLifts and get some of the tracking tools that can track your progress. This is like homework for your own’s safety, as you do not want to hurt yourself during the workout.

  • Shoes

If you want to start with the StrongLifts, go and get the right pair of shoes. Normal shoes are not the right choice for the StrongLifts as in normal shoes. There is too much padding at the heel of the shoes. And it would be best if you had a shoe with a flat sole that enables you to feel more grounded while hitting those weights.

What Are Things You Should Avoid And Must Do As A Beginner Of StrongLifts?

Things to avoid

  • Stronglifts is for women, but not if you are pregnant. This doesn’t mean that you can not lift weights, but, normally, you should avoid putting weights on the lift during pregnancy. Doctors, too, wouldn’t allow putting weights on the bar.
  • Avoid wearing rings while working out the StrongLifts. There have been some horror incidents in the past that people got their ring caught while doing the deadlift or any other. So, try to remove your jewelry or engagement rings during workout time. If you do not want to go ringless, choose the silicone wedding band made specifically for exercising as an alternative.

Things to do as a Beginner

  • Begin exercising with an empty bar. Often, specifically, Stronglifts for women have some difficulty at this stage, but it is not a big deal. You should start with an empty bar even if you have confidence that you can easily start with some weight on the bar to practice properly.
  • Do not get back if you even can’t lift the empty bar. Try to go with an available lighter bar, as you should know that no one can’t build muscles in a single day. So, keep hustling till you don’t achieve what you had on your mind.
  • You should know that some programs are also good for burning fat, sculpt your butt with some heavy squats, shape your body with resistance training so try to choose the program according to your needs.

What To Do If You Grow Some Pain Or Aches After The Workout?

stronglifts for women

If you starting as a beginner, the soreness will surely happen to your body which is quite normal at the beginning stage. In this case, do not fear as it will go away after your body gets used to those movements.

If you grow some muscle soreness and try to skip a day, that is not a good idea for you. As the best way to relieve that soreness, your body should go through a workout routine.

Sometimes it happens with people who do not get any soreness or ache and think their workout is ineffective, but it doesn’t go like this. So, try not to mix the workout effectiveness with the soreness as they both are two different aspects of post-workout observations.

But in case if you have pain in your lower back, then do not settle it as normal pain. If you feel some pain in your lower back while lifting some weight, stop instantly. It is likely an indication that you are doing the exercise wrong. Avoid continuing because it can lead to a situation where your lower back may be in a state of compromise.

What To Know While Squatting With StrongLifts?

The squats can be the best exercise that you can do for your hips. But it can be trouble for most of the StrongLiftsers. Squats shape the hip muscles perfectly, that there is no complaint with the exercise. Squats also enable the increase in thigh muscles to match your butt.

This butt exercise can be quite bad if not done properly, as when squatting too low. You may experience that your pelvis may rotate in at the bottom of the squat, and this may compromise your lower back with a wink, and this bad situation is called butt wink.

If you feel trouble doing the StrongLifts squats, you can go for the full squats, which is not complicated. You have to sit down as a baby in the squat position. If you want to do squats, then try to minimize the cardio workout.

How To Do The Gym Properly?

stronglifts for women

Well, first of all, plan your routine whether you want to squat or lift some weights or do your legs. If you feel any problem go to the trainer for help. Everybody tends to think they know it perfectly but not better than the trainer.

Ask your space on machines like power racks because they are mostly fewer in numbers. People try to hold it for themselves only, so try to ask upfront t vacant the machine.

Try to stay away from the smith machines as most women try to use this machine for squats, but it is not the safest option as it is not free weights and can greatly screw your form because of the unnatural movement it lets the user go with.

If you are not confident enough while increasing weights on the bar, ask for help from anyone around for support during the lift. If you can’t find a gym partner, you can use the power rack and set up the pins. This is where you feel it has reduced the space between your chest and bar, making it much easier to lift the weight.

Never replace or substitute free weight with any machine as they provide more unnatural movement. On the contrary, free weights provide better movements while lifting weights.

And don’t think much about that people in your gym would judge you while you lift the weights as you are a woman.

How To Wrap Up Your StrongLifts Program?

  • For some people, lifting weights is a fun, positive activity. This can be a great way to work out and to meet new people. But for others, weight lifting is not the best idea.
  • A StrongLifts program is not for everyone. It is important to listen to your body. StrongLifts can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing or have a medical condition.
  • Lifting weights is a great way to get in shape. To avoid injury, the weight should be light enough so that you can lift it with proper form and technique.
  • Your workout should be a combination of exercises that work out the entire body. You should avoid doing heavy lifts such as squats or bench presses because you want to protect your joints from injuries.

If you want to see the results, stick to the normal routine you go with. Do not substitute or switch anything in the routine. Never just quit because you feel that you are not getting the results. It may take some time, so you better hustle till you don’t achieve it.

Never try to stop reps if you have made up your mind to score. Moreover, you haven’t achieved that, and not even when people fail for once try to quit the routine, so never do that too. You can surely pull back if you are pregnant but do not skip the workout. This can be due to periods as it can be uncomfortable and painful. If you work out on your periods days, you might feel much stronger than on normal days.

Ask for help on communities on some platforms like Reddit or through questions on Quora for better advice towards your goal you want to achieve.

People will judge, comment, talk, and say rubbish, people will block your way, but you do not have to stop and make these reasons for you to stop StrongLiftsing. You are better than many and can be much better than most, so never quit the hustle you start.


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