Tactical Barbell Results: Are You Within Track?

The Tactical Barbell system has four books up to this writing. The system’s core is based on Tactical Barbell I for the strength component and Tactical Barbell II for the conditioning part. The ideas are then expanded with the Tactical Barbell, Ageless Athlete, and Tactical Barbell Mass Protocol edition. We are here to show you the Tactical Barbell results.

The method is stemmed from the idea of an attainable pace of progress and body adaptation. It originates from years of development from the author’s first-hand experience in building muscles and effective conditioning exercises, and unique methods involving barbells and kettlebells.

Tactical Barbell I: The audience for this method is mainly for combat arms and the military, whose physical appearance is important. Written by K. Black, a pseudonym of a retired military becoming law enforcement. He’s stating to build a quality muscle mass, one needs to remember three things:

  • Resistance training
  • Nutrition
  • Conditioning

With an optional component of Base Building, a type of priming. This is different from what he explains in Tactical Barbell II, so the results from the trainees will vary.

The third book, Tactical Barbell Ageless Athlete, is a method developed by Jim Madden based on “working smart” to lose weight and gain muscle mass. In the author’s youth, he was an active football player developing multiple fractures from years of playing. He was trained to develop strength and mass naturally, neglecting aerobic, because he was expected to stay strong and not a distance runner. Especially he was a lineman. He gained so much weight by his thirty from this.

Jim Madden

Soon, it became problematic when he needed to get back in shape. He was taught that fit is either simply being strong OR lean. It was getting complicated because he cannot stay in aerobic condition from his fractures and built.

All was changed when he discovered he could use kettlebells effectively. Combined with diet, until a year, he was successfully curing the pain when training. In short, he became not only bulky in mass but also building capabilities in aerobic endurance.

Jim Madden

The latest book from the Tactical Barbell series is Tactical Barbell: Mass Protocol. It is written to an audience that would use more size for expert performance from muscle mass building.

So, all of the Tactical Barbell series is about becoming a multi-dimensional athlete, as the author put it. It begins with correcting mindset then slowly following the guide in the book like bench press, diamond press-up, and a buffet of barbell training.

We compile Tactical Barbell Results from all four books edition from various verified sources and phases.


Wolfshieldelite, Male, 20s-30s


He’s in a small surplus. He has just ensured to get a lot of protein and has increased endurance training substantially, so he actually lost some fat.

He does not generally count the calories, eats good quality food, and hit his protein– 1 gram per pound of my body weight. Would state breakfast is typically around 1000, then lunch 600- 800, then dinner is a hearty part of whatever his other half makes with a snack before lunch and one after including a minimum of 26 g of protein each.

Monkeyban11, Male, Age Unspecified

Tactical Barbell Results

Currently, he has done a BB phase, 1 block of Black Pro/Fighter, and midway through Green/Fighter. He has decided to do a block of black and interchange with green as he has time up his sleeve and works all systems equally. He is expecting applications to open in November this year, so he should have time to repeat black, then green again before being more specific leading up to this date.

Skavus, Male, Age Unspecified

Tactical Barbell Results

He was currently fit, but this is what he has actually been able to hold while concentrating on grappling 3-5 days a week. Said also, these books are seriously underestimated, and he has been telling all his training partners about them.

He ran operator from the beginning. The only modification He made was that he included push press which, in retrospect, was probably an error. The additional work started to catch up with him. His workouts are WPU, Security Squats, Floor Press (He has labrum concerns), and trap bar deads with the low grip deals with. He did 1 set of deads each workout. Next time He thinks he will do them on their own day. It’s a pain to get set up to do 1 set each time.

He is now two weeks into his very first block of MT. his current maxes: SSquat: 405 FP: 285 WPU: BW +110 Deadlift: 335 (rebuilding from back injury).

He does 3-5, but He only rolls tough 1-2 times a week. If that much. Some days it’s only the strategy learning and drilling, and other days, He rolls; however, it’s a more moderate speed. He knows which partners like to go full throttle, so He prepares those rolls strategically.

He is genetically talented with back strength. It’s constantly been strong.

He likewise actually likes sled work for cardio. Being 45, so the effect from sprints actually tears me up. He also had a prowler who was so damn but excellent noisy. Wound up buying an XPO sled, and He definitely likes it. Not inexpensive though, however, a fantastic addition to his house gym.

A regular sled is loud, and you need external weight. The XPO is practically silent. On top of that, his better half can utilize it right after him without altering a thing. Suppose we were both exercising on a standard sled. He would have to take his plates off for her to use them. With the XPO, the harder you push, the more difficult it pushes back. He sounds like a commercial. However, he has actually got no affiliation. Value a good item.

Also, he does not learn about the durability of the little generator that develops the resistance on the XPO. he has actually had mine for about 6 months; therefore, far, no problems. You can’t get it damp, though, so training in weather is a no-go.

He is not going to declare it’s not miserable, but he has actually discovered it’s an excellent way to train high or low intensity without tearing up his joints. One of his favorite combinations is to do a sled push for 100 feet or so, then take a kettlebell off the sled and do swings.

He follows a macros-based diet, consumes approx 2900 calories today to preserve. He doesn’t differ his diet plan for training/rest days. Too much difficulty in his viewpoint though some individuals swear by it.

Deftoperator, Male, 20s

Tactical Barbell Results

He has actually not remained in a health club for nearly a year, doesn’t own a barbell, but owns some kettlebells. Finally decided to go on and try to run the tactical barbell system with those.

he has now finished 8 weeks of base building and a 9-week block of operator black professional. (he would have done 12. However, he was moving, and errands will disrupt his training for a few weeks).

He believed people might find it fascinating to read what he did and how it worked. He doesn’t really believe kettlebells can take on barbells for max strength sessions, so this was very much a “deal with what he has” adaptation. Still, he is pretty pleased with how it went.

Here’s a breakdown of the sessions he utilized.


  • His cluster was
  • KB Swings: 24kg
  • Goblet Squats: 20kg
  • Single-arm floor press: 20kg
  • Bent over row: 24kg
  • Kettlebell deadlift: 24kg
  • Press-ups

He believes, if he did it once again, He would alter this up a bit. Possibly put snatches in there instead of the bent-over row, and maybe utilize 2 kettlebells for the deadlift. That felt a bit pointless.


He has an exercise bike, so E sessions were mainly LSS on that, with several fun runs (jumping off the bike to swing the kettlebell, and so on) included. He has an old knee injury, so he avoids running as much as possible.


Once again, mainly utilizing the stationary bicycle. Indoor power intervals, Quick 5s (he does 25 mins for distance). BOO with 3min bike rides instead of runs. Meat Eater II. Anaerobic Capability (just tripled the ranges for a bike). GC2.

Max strength sessions:

This is the core.

Pull-ups were quite easy choice, of course. he just recently got a bar, so he was really out of practice. He managed 10 in a row the first time, so he chose to keep them unweighted. That meant his rep count was 7 in week 1, 8 in week 2, 9 in week 3. He could also increase the number of seats from 3 to 4 to 5 throughout the 3 blocks.

Here’s where he went slightly off-piste. He handled 12 reps in a row the first time, so he treated that as his max with pull-ups.

That indicates he did 9 representatives, 10 reps, and 11 associates in weeks 1, 2, and 3 and increased the sets from 3 to 4 to 5 across the 3 blocks like with pull-ups.

His 3rd movement was tidy and press. He started with ladders similar to that in ETK. he started rather light, rehabbing an aching lower arm, and progressed rapidly. He began doing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with the 16kg, transferred to the same with the 20kg, and then to the 24kg. For the last block, he moved to 4 sets of 4 in week 1, 4 sets of 5 in week 2, and 4 sets of 6 in week 3. It was a bit more haphazard than it ought to have been.

he did one session of 10 TGUs with the 24kg a week


Well, physically, he put on several kgs and, eyeballing it, he thinks he ended up being leaner too. 70.5 kg to 73kg (at 175cm) and from maybe 13% -14% to around 11% -12% body fat. It’s a small change. Not 14% to 11%, more like 13% -12%. He understands this sub doesn’t go in for aesthetic appeals, but I have a picture anyway. TB arises from https://imgur.com/a/w25qjke.


As you’d anticipate, he improved a lot during base-building and not actually at all during his Operator Black extension protocol. The simplest way for him to determine improvement is by output in an hour because I’m on an exercise bike. Across base-building, his hour-long output went from 371 in 50 mins (comparable to 445 in an hour) as much as 550 in an hour. That’s about 20%, much better. He has actually got a bit even worse ever since pulling it back to one session a week. Probably around 500 approximately recently.


As above, output for his tough 25-minute cycles is the easiest method to measure. He went from 307 to 340, so around 10%. He has continued to enhance but has been doing more GC and sprints stuff recently, so he does not have a more current hard 25-minute information point. It is not actually to have the data to demonstrate improvement in GC things, regretfully, but he did GC2 in 17 minutes a week or two back, and I make sure he could not do that 9 weeks earlier.


Core part 2.

He ended up week 9 of Operator Black Expert, took a few days rest, and rechecked his maxes.

Pull-ups: 16.

Up from 10 in a row, so he was delighted with that improvement. 10 was a pretty low standard for him. However, 16 is pretty good. In the past, He would have managed 13 or 14. He will move onto weighted pull-ups for his next block.

Front squat: 22 (44kg).

He felt there was most likely one or 2 left in the tank both times. Still, 12 to 22 is a much larger jump than he was hoping for.

Tidy and press: 20 in a row (10 each hand. 5,3,2 without breaks).

Regretfully, he didn’t try this initially, so he doesn’t have an excellent standard to compare. However, he understands at the start, he actually struggled with the ETK ladder at 20kg (1,2,3,4,5 with breaks), so it’s safe to state I’m considerably more powerful than he was.

So that’s his experience with running TB with kettlebells. It’s not ideal, but I’m pleased with the outcomes.

I’m going to be relocating to a block of fighter green because He would like to concentrate on endurance for a while.

Intrigued by tips for his max strength cluster. Naturally, weighted pull-ups are provided, but he is considering altering the front squats to Bulgarian split squats. He wants to do something for his chest, so perhaps I’ll do a single-arm floor press.

Dramatic-Visual1018, Male, 20s

Tactical Barbell Results

He is doing SQ, BP, WPU. in fact, taken deadlifts out totally in the meantime. He has been working at a lumber mill, so he is raising for 10 to 12 hours a day with many hips hinging, so He’ll keep them out in the meantime unless He sees an unfavorable effect. This has me taking about 20,000 actions a day also. For HIC, He sticks to hill sprints or 100-meter sprints. Mostly hill sprints.

PapaEchoOscar, Male, 30s

Tactical Barbell Results
Tactical Barbell Results

He ended up BB with 3 weeks Fighter to get proper Tactical Barbell results, felt really great, began OP I/A with the same frequency as routine OP, utilized 5 sets on every workout after 2 weeks/6 MS exercises my right PEC provided. Now he can’t bench for 2-4 weeks.

He did not believe He was in bad shape. Before BB, He ran a half marathon, benched 242 pounds/110 kg x 5 reps, took 5 pullups with 70 pounds, his BW is 210 pounds, and did 5 x 1-2-3-4-5 pyramids KB C&P with 32 kg and pullups.

Compared to numerous others, He thinks he’s not particularly strong or well-conditioned.


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