Wide Rib Cage Female? How to Identify, Fix, What to Wear


The Definition

If you happen to read many fitness and beauty blogs, you might have stumbled upon the below picture about the body types of females. Body types refer specifically to the shapes and sizes of an individual’s body about their height, weight, and age. They are generally classified by several variables: body mass index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio, or breast-to-chest ratio.

The rib cage includes the ribs, breast bone as well as spine. It borders the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, and also various other crucial organs. Its tissues include muscle mass, ligaments as well as ligaments that supply stability and also movement. You are may here because of having a large rib cage, and you are curious about that. Well, then let’s find out.

The body types

The first two pictures from the left are triangle and inverted triangle shape, respectively. You can tell from her broad shoulder. The last two are square (straight shape) and hourglass shapes. Drawing from the picture, I can conclude my body type is an apple (the woman pictured in the middle) or a round shape. I tend to have a larger upper midsection versus waist area. Lastly, not pictured are women with a pear shape. They are different from people with round shapes from hips down under to thigh. They have a wider upper thigh area with a refined rib cage.

I used to be self-conscious about my body type. No matter how much I put my effort into slim my belly, it won’t be any smaller. Clothes that fit my waist are always loose-fitting around my shoulders. I am just inches away from having a triangle body type with a defined waist, if not because of my large rib cage.

Women with large rib cages could also have narrow hips. As we can see from the fourth woman from the left in the picture, only the upper body area is slightly downward, but she has a defined waist. This body shape has its own time in the previous decades, and magazines were full of them. Many nineties models have large ribcages, which is rather common in the flamboyant, unedited natural body type. So, it’s a matter of cycle before our body type starts trending again!

wide rib cage female
source: twentytwowords.com

Why is My Rib Cage so Wide?

A larger chest would provide your lungs and heart with plenty of room. That’s a good thing and one of the reasons. Genes are going to play a part as well in what shape your body is in different sizes. I can’t emphasize self-love enough and don’t base your body on some Instagram models. They could be photoshopped, or their genetics are variably different from yours.
Muscle and fat can alter size by exercise and diet plan. The rib cage is an integral part of the thoracic region, and it supports and protects the heart, lungs, and other important organs. The other point that contributes to a wider-looking midsection is if the hips are relatively slim.

How to Tell?

You can tell by looking at the mirror if your lower ribs are larger than your hip, especially when no belly fat is shown. You can be positive when your upper abdomen frame is wide, especially when protruding, to show a unique body shape.
However, to be exact, you can always measure your body, Take a tape measure if you need to, or a ribbon. Cover it around your body, just under your breast on your chest. After that, move the bow to your all-natural midsection (if you’re uncertain where it is, bend to the side, then put your fingers into the area that wrinkles as you flex). Take note if you need to tighten or loosen the bow as compared to your under breast size.

How to Fix?

Wide ribs can be affected by thoracic & back spine placement. If you’re in excessive lumbar lordosis, the resulting offsetting angle of the thoracic spine will certainly tend to angle the ribcage to ensure that the lower ribs protrude.

When you find it’s the case, you must seek help from professionals. If you’re worried about this attribute of your body and you wish to know for sure what’s up, you can obtain it analyzed by a physio or post a complete body picture for people right there to give input on. Sometimes, a restorative approach would be a couple of weeks of straightforward core stability work to sign your abdominals, incorporated with some lat extending. Furthermore, this will need visual verification.

Some other suggestions:

  • Rotational workouts (woodchoppers are my favorite). It’s like building your own human band.
  • Oblique job. It goes back to the girdle concept
  • Weight training
  • Lats exercises
  • Working on your stance

wide rib cage female

Developing abdominal muscles also has made good points to make ribs and hips look less skeletal. The only means to give the appearance of a smaller ribcage and waistline would be to build muscle mass around your shoulders and/or legs and be aware of the illusion of a smaller-sized midline.

You can also shed excess stubborn belly fat around the waistline by consuming a calorie deficiency and regular exercise. It turns out building muscle mass has actually done amazing things for my figure. I do not look fat, yet my ribs and hips aren’t poking out either, and my belly behaves and level.

Surgery like top FTM surgery will also help to fix the wide-body shape permanently. I would never do this, though, because this is not some ailment I need to cure for the sake of relatively aesthetic looks, which is a segue for the next suggestion.

Corsetting is a sensible choice for correcting a protruding ribcage. There are cases when this is justifiably needed, like pregnancy. The maternity girdle would have acted significantly like a corset. After giving birth, the bones remain pliant for a while as well as this is why the girdle is so quite necessary if we intend to ensure having the most effective after-child body we can.

On using corsets:

There are many scientific discussions on using corsets for remedying such problems. It simply takes a very long time as well as a lot of persistence to get permanent results. It would certainly be best to discover such a physician and have the proper corset custom-made to not trigger any harm to oneself.

source: Walmart

For a lot of women. It’s not regarding waistline dimension. It’s regarding getting the body back to the way it must have been. I believe the doctor claimed that for a person without various other clinical issues, a “channel top” corset would help to remedy a protruding ribcage.

Lastly, maybe a bit cheeky, it is the acceptance of your own body. Acquiring awareness is easier for me. My lower chest is simply a unique feature inherited in my family. I think it’s a superpower of yours.

Style Guide for Females

Understand your upper waist containing the rib cage and breasts, which should be considered when making a style guide. Check if your breasts are in conical, tubular, or tuberous breasts. Are they Full on Bottom or Full on Top? This can add to your consideration when deciding on what to wear.

One of the methods to balance it out is to include accessories to make it looks like a narrow hip. Or can also in the shoulders and corset usage to make it flatter. I have not utilized it on myself. However, when made use of properly as well as safely, they deliver results.

Type of Clothes You Can Wear

wide rib cage female
Celebrities can be your inspiration. Look for what Oprah Winfrey, Bo Derek, Kate Winslet, Nicki Minaj, Rebel Wilson are wearing and accentuate their fineries with hiding flaws. Kate Winslet is a fine example of accentuating your narrower hips and having your slender legs steal all the spotlight.
She’s gorgeous, isn’t she with a shorter skirt? Please take a look at her long legs and high heels, which draw attention. You won’t notice her short torso—an exemplary pinnacle for wearing clothes and curved hips while obscuring not such a great waist ratio.
source: Levi’s
  • Prevent large belts that divide your body. Try to find a narrow belt that blends with the shades you are wearing.
  • Avoid large or collected skirts. A much more customized fit will certainly flatter your properties (legs).
  • Put on purses at the hips degree as well as lower.
  • Maintain collars and also lapels slim and small so as not to accentuate a complete top.
  • V-Necklines or necklines that are lengthened will assist slim your neck.
  • Stay clear of fitted tops, which will highlight a larger center.


wide rib cage female
source: Aritzia

There are many ways to “fix” or enhance the “problem.” You can start by identifying your body type, what makes you have large ribs, and enhancements so they can be more comfortable with their bodies. The best way is by doing exercise and posture correction, self-acceptance, and focusing more on the beauty of your other parts of the body. Narrow hips are not our goal, but to make readers at peace with their bodies rather than having body image issues.


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